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Originally Posted by bulletproof View Post
True, but this would only apply to track racing...

I'm sure a Procede 335 would keep right up with an M3 on normal American stop and go (red light, green light) or highway racing. That's where most people are going to compete with their cars anyways.

How many are actually going to use the suspension, transmission and chassis upgrades of the M3 to their advanatage in normal American conditions? Or how many are going to join a race club and push thier 70K M3 to the limit? .05% maybe.
hmmm...not going away huh. if you want to go race in a straight line like most people as you infer, then what keeps you from buying the cobra? think about that for a second, and you'll realize why many of us will prefer the m3 over the others fine automobiles you've discussed. and if you've ever driven a "pricey" car out of warranty, you'll realize that the whole procede thing is a bit silly.

also, you really are the genius if you want a car for "normal American stop and go" or "highway racing." people buy cars for their own reasons, however too many good ones for not buying a car to do this.