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Originally Posted by raehza View Post
wow, I like you dude. you posted pics and videos already? awesome. i have to get Joe to post his go pro footage! and yea sorry, E90, thought urs was an E92. was too focused on your crazy engine and fuel pumps rather than checking the amounts of doors on your sick ride hehe

thanks again for posting pictures! i am waiting for painted reflectors to get rid of those hideous orange ones

it was only my second time driving that pass. last time i was there, we had a massive group and we were driving kinda slowly and took tons of breaks. this time we went all out and i loved it. i think i kinda learned the limits of my car today and I must say, the E46 M3 doesn't have to hide from the big boys. im happy
Thank you Sir !
we def need to get together soon for another sun fun.
Originally Posted by baxter3221 View Post
Couple of the Gopro vids I grabbed from todays cruise. I have a lot of other footage, if anyone has a specific section they'd like to see, let me know. Had a great time rolling with everyone today, we need to do this again soon!

PS - just realized the quality of these isn't great, not sure why since they look better on my comp, but I'll look into it tomorrow.
Great time man !