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Originally Posted by Foodle View Post
Doormats are for wiping your feet before entering the house, not for protecting your concrete/brick/etc. doorstep.

Placemats are for protecting the tabletop during meals, and removed once the meal is over.

Don't have a mat in the trunk.

Personally, I like the look and feel of the leather seats, and I don't see the point in covering them in anticipation of some mythical future time. Do you ever plan on not having a cover? What are you saving the seats for if no one will ever see them? Peek at them every full moon and savor their perfection?
I think you misunderstood my point. In my view using a seat cover is the same as a doormat (prevents dirt from entering house), placemat (protects finish on dining room table) etc.

Similarly, I put on seat covers when required, such as being hot/sweaty from the gym. Or after scuba diving if I'm still a little salty from the boat shower. Same as putting down a towel, but easier to keep on the seat. I don't have a problem sitting on them normally, either. I think $20 is a reasonable price point. The ones I have are black and hardly noticeable. Do I take them off, sure. But I don't wear a suit all the time, either.

If you enjoy sitting on the leather, and don't ever have any situations where you are geting into your car with nothing other than business suits or smart casual pants, more power to you, I don't really mind what you do with your car. It's really no big deal.

OP was looking for options. I noticed there was not a lot of constructive help in the thread, hence my post.

Peace out.

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