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Adding Sirius Radio : Running into issues

Purchased a 2009 M3 recently and the one thing it was missing was the sirius radio option. Picked up a used receiver from a forum member and went to install it.

installation just took a few mins, it was 1 large connector and the other for the antenna. I had to remove the connector on the factory antenna wire, but besides that it plugged right in.

On the back of this receiver it had two antenna ports. Tom from EAS said that he knows that just plugging into one of them will work, but he forgot which one it was.

Local member did some coding for me, which included the addition of the Sirius Sat radio this morning.

The Sirius radio is now and option under the Radio Category, but when I click it nothing comes up. No channels come up and there is just a blank under "Category"

I tried both locations on the antenna.

Do you know what could be wrong?

Im not sure, maybe he programmed it wrong, is this possible? Or would it not come up on the screen if he didn't do it right?

Another thing I am worried about is the seller shipped the module without any protection and just jammed it into a small flat rate box, maybe its damaged?

Thanks in Advance

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