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Originally Posted by Seminole View Post
It won't be Bama and SC merely for the fact they would have to play each other in the SEC title game. It would be incredibly hard to make a case to have the same two teams (one of which has to loose) play each other the very next game for the N.C. game.

The FSU game last night was pissing me off so bad. I don't know why we were giving so much of a cushion to NC State on throws. We'd play zone and give them 6-8 yards. Once the catch was made we'd take them down right away, but they just kept hitting the short middle pass all night, and eventually hit it for the game winning touchdown.

And what the hell is the obsession with screen passes. I've seen so many screen passes since Jimbo took over as OC and head coach. We barely took any long shots down field. Look at NC state last week against Miami, they got torched on the long passes. Amerson (or whatever his name is) was supposed to be one of the top CB's in the country but even I could score a 90 yard touchdown against him this year with the way he has been playing. Our receivers are all close to 6'6" or taller, just heave the damn ball in their direction and let them make plays! But no, lets keep running the same screen passes over and fucking over. It might be time for Jimbo to hire an true OC instead of calling the plays himself and having James Coley have the OC title. Look what Stoops has done for the defense, bring someone in who can do the same for the offense.

Despite my name and obvious fandom for FSU, I still think FSU is a great team, and is one of the top 10 when they play to their ability. We saw that against Clemson where the entire team was firing on all cylinders against one of the most explosive offensives in the county. That team that played Clemson did not show up last night.
Yeah your right lol...But remember when Michigan and OSU met at #1 and #2 for the last game of the season...before the title games...that should have been the National Championship game then...The system is soo damn messed up. Your team aint doin too bad. I still have a little faith that my team will come back in the rankings maybe top 15 if we are lucky by the end of the season. GO BLUE!

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