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There's a monster under my hood

Itís been a little over a week since I picked up my long waited, brand spanking new Space Grey M3 from the Performance Delivery Center. The long and dreaded wait had started at the middle of June when I sold my precious 2007 Porsche GT3 and continued until the 27th of September, long and boring days those were. If you ask me why I would sell such a car and get into an M3, and Iím sure some of you will, itís easy: I needed a car that was sporty yet comfortable and big enough for everyday use. As expected the PD experience was not short of spectacular; the staff was professional and the treatment was simply delightful.

The drive back to South Florida was long (12 hours), and the next day was a close friendís birthday; so unfortunately I did not have the luxury of sticking around and exploring the states of South Carolina or Georgia. I basically drove down all the way to Jacksonville in the first day and checked into a hotel off the I-95 and spent the night to gain back my energy.

Last night it was raining down hard, and on the way to a local bar, me and my buddy hit the 1,000 mile marker and. When we got out around 3:00 in the morning (and no, I only had one drink and was sober), the asphalt was still dark and reflecting the lights off the road. There was a grin on my face when I saw the wet roads; this was what I had been waiting for a long time. No traffic and shiny wet roads! I decided that it was time to let the engine and the needle rip all the way to the long dreaded 8,300 RPM marker. It would not have been a smart move to try speed runs on public roads, so I decided to see her handling and drift capabilities.

The first thing I did once I fired her up was turn DSC Off, and Power On. We put on our seat belts and my friend gave me the silent nod. What fun the drive back home was, we were drifting every corner possible. The car is a blast! And how easy she is to control in oversteer situations. We parked the car with a smile on our faces and went our separate ways.

Now on to my review of the car:

Hereís my brief opinion about the e92 M3 after a short ownership and coming from owning two Porsche 911s (a 997 mkI Carrera S and a 997 mkI GT3), the cars are completely different. It is hard to compare a FR car to a RR car; it is kind of like comparing apples and oranges, also not to mention the difference in class. The GT3 is much more performance/track oriented (and my old GT3 had bucket seats and rose joint suspension bits), kind of like an M3 GTS, basically a bare race car with a license plate and a registration. The M3 is a sports car which is much more civilized with rear seats, a ton of comfort features, and an actual trunk where you can fit a lot.

The S65 engine is phenomenal! I am so happy I bought an e92 instead of waiting for the new upcoming turbo charged M4 coupe. The sound of the V8 is so intoxicating and alluring, it sings a mesmerizing tune. The torque curve on the M3 is much smoother and the power delivery comes in much lower RPM compared to the Porsche. I cannot compare acceleration since I have not let her rip on the highway or taken her to a race track yet, but she seems plenty strong. To be perfectly honest (and I hope I donít get crucified and stoned for this) but I feel like the Porsche is faster on a straight line due to the lower weight.

In terms of handling, the M3 loves to over steer. This was one of the main reasons for choosing this car over others on the market. I love to drift since owning a 350Z, and drifting in a 911 is dangerous and requires much more attention and work. It basically is not so safe to do it, and I knew every inch of the car and how she reacted in every single situation because of my time in her on the race tracks. The M3ís weight distribution is very good and handles well, although as other people have mentioned for a car with so much power and a considerable weight these cars are under rubbered. At least I was lucky enough to get the car with Michelin Pilot Sports, which provide better handling than the two other alternatives.

I chose manual transmission as I like to be more involved with my cars. Although I have driven the DCT transmission, and will admit it is far superior, the involvement and the pure driving pleasure of the manual cannot be denied by hard core enthusiasts like myself. The shifts are long and sloppy after owning two Porsches. The transmission and the shifter are so mechanical and crisp in the Porsche that the M3ís shifter feels long and vague to say the least. There may be a short shifter in the future of my car.

To give a full review I will need some more time, and would love to take her out on the track to get to know her better.

The mods I currently have on the car are these:

-M Performance Exhaust (love it! Nice throaty sound but is not in any way loud enough to annoy you)
-KW Sleeve Over Kit (much better feel, and better handling)
-Macht Schnell air filter
-Performance Black Kidney Grills and Side Gills
-IND paint matched reflectors
-IND painted gloss black Hood Vents
-Macht Schnell Spacers (12mm up front, 10mm in the back)
-Lux H8 V3 angel eyes
-20% window tint
-IND paint matched Space Grey Center Console

Once I receive my title, register my car and install my personalized license plate I am planning to do a nice shoot. For now here are some crappy pictures I took in the garage. Enjoy!

PS: I really like this car, and I am happy with my decision. For what she offers, I really do think this is the ultimate driving machine.
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2013 E92 ///M3 Space Grey w/ Fox Red
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