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The fact of the matter is... Vossen is unprofessional. They are a young company run by young guys hoping for the best. I am a local business owner, and have been fortunate enough to do fairly well. I believe wholeheartedly in customer service and keeping your "word" when it comes to business because most referrals and references are word of mouth. When I won that day I knew, after meeting the guy and seeing how he interacted with me, I wasn't getting a thing. Even Lu said to me "bro, you know you will never hear from this guy again right?". The guy was short, acting like I was bothering him. He was short when Lu introduced himself as well, and OSS is well respected around here. Just an all around horrible experience and after that I could not imagine sending this guy 5-8 thousand dollars and trusting them with my money the way I have done in the past with wheel companies, most recently DPE. I want everyone on this board to know what happened. Because if I see one more post from Vossen I will puke. Then I will write on every thread of theres this exact situation. Even if I take one customer away from them, it will be worth it.
The entire Vossen "family" is run by a bunch of Miami 20 somethings. They pay people to get on the boards to write positive critiques as if they were customers. Furthermore, speaking to anyone in that office is like dealing with a high school dropout. The level of professionalism is barely noticeable except for a small handful. Be careful when purchasing their products as everything is outsourced to Asia and the quality isn't always up to par.