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The run was absolutely amazing. We had 6 - 7 cars there. We drove nearly non stop. My brake actually started fading towards the last 30 mins of the run.

We had an E92 with 650 HP to the wheel there.... ****ing ridiculously fast.

The E46 M3's were holding their ground. As a matter of fact, I was tailgating the M1 when we both were driving at one point. We actually pulled away from the group by a large margin. Not sure if they slowed down on purpose or what , lol. But yea, the M1 was super fast and pulled away from me in the straights but I was on his ass in the curves.

@Ray (M1 owner), was nice to see you dude! Hope we can do this again some time.

Thanks for the amazing roads we took. Was the shit dude!

Oh and we had a little "accident" with a Deer walking by us as we hit the Mountain.... long story short, E92 got a little dent in the hood. Could have been worse