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Originally Posted by alms211 View Post
What Porsche have you even owned to have this Obama tingle up your leg love for them?

I stopped reading that horseshit trash rag after the first paragraph....."8 of the 9 cars are supercars"....yeah a Camaro and a Mustang are now supercars GMAFB

Cache has nothing to do with how fast a car is or its driving dynamics. If that were the case then a Honda Civic that runs 9's in the quarter mile would have a shit load of cache. If you sit a Ferrari F430, a Lambo Gallardo, an Aston Martin Vantage and a Porsche 911 side by side and ask 1,000 people which of those cars carries more cache, has better looks, is deemed more exotic the only ones that are going to say a 911 are Kool Aid drinking Porsche fanbois.

The funny part about all of this is I think Porsches are fantastic cars. Otherwise I would not have owned four of them. I just get so fcuking sick and tired of your Holy Grail Porsche bullsh!t.
The Ferrari and Lambo are in an exotic class well above what a Porsche 911 is. The only Porsche that classifies as an exotic is the Carrera GT. The AMV is a comparable car to the 991 Carrera S. This is only because Porsche has made it such a more complete and luxurious car. the 991 is truly elevated IMO compared to the 997. AMV is still tops on my list for my ultimate car.
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