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Originally Posted by manari06
Originally Posted by IntegraXTR View Post
i just recently sold my eisenmann race for an akra and to tell you the truth, i love both!

the eisenmann race was a deep deep note, and around 3000 rpm it would drone slightly. i didn't mind the loud exhaust note because i used to have a NSX with a loud (but amazing sound). the akra is mild to me if anything...the only time it's loud is the start up/warm up of the car, it sets off alarms lol.

anyways overall the sound from both, i just like the weight savings and look of the akra, which is why i sold my eisenmann.

happy motoring with either one you choose!
Thanks I think I 'm gonna go with Akrapovic! plus I can keep upgrading it until I get the full Evo.
Good choice. Also the resale value of the Akra is high and theres a huge demand for it. So if you buy it, use it for a while and then want to sell it you shouldn't have any trouble doing so quickly at a good price.