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Fellas, I got it and I'm loving it so far! The thing handles amazingly and is rather impressive for a stock 11-year-old suspension. The previous owner barely drove the car on a daily basis since he lived only about 2-3 miles from his job, and ended up riding a motorcycle to work instead.

I noticed that as I get familiarized with the car, the transmission does not feel anywhere nearly as notchy anymore...maybe it has to do with me getting used to the gates, or maybe that the car was not driven enough before and now all components are starting to get back into the groove...or maybe even a combination, who knows. The drive train slack is still there and it's a little loud specially during low gear clutch disengagement - I'm taking this as being part of the nature of the beast.

I did read on another thread that these door handles tend to give up after a while? My driver side handle is relatively harder than the passenger side. Should I be concerned? Does anything need to be lubricated or adjusted? It's still fully functional but some folks have reported that their handles just won't open the door anymore.

Other than what I just mentioned, I only have to address the smaller things that I mentioned on my original post, but those I can take my time with. BTW: it appears that I have one of the rare non-sunroof cars? I suppose I got lucky because I tend to prefer no sunroof for more rigidity, and at this point it's one less thing that could possibly break.

Thanks again for all your input, now I just want to drive!