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08 DCT, mileage 50k miles. Accident free, all stock parts

Brought the car one year ago from the previous guy who was the first owner. Knew for a fact then he track the car approx 10+ times previously.

Now I just hopped out of my mate's '11 car with half the mileage and never been tracked. His the car feels so firm and tight compared to mine. My car feels like a old used whore that I cant extract any wonderful feelings out of , steering feels vague, loud groaning noise in the cabin under sprited driving and suspension feels off. His car on the other hand had such great response to any steering input,and feels tight and well... Reminds me of 20+ yr old ladies.

Short of doing an alightment, making sure all the screws are re-torqued to specs, is there anything I can do to make the car feels tighter?