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Originally Posted by Wolfinwolfsclothing View Post
Would you like to see pictures of it? I sure do have an M3...but at the same time do not think it is infallible or perfect, nor do I think little of it by any means. I wouldnt have bought it if I had.
Thinking Porsche makes an incredible car by no means signifies that I think they are the end all be all of cars. I appreciate the products the make and the colored history they have as both a marque high end sports car maker, and their colorful history in motorsports racing.

@alms211 - Take a quick read here.

If Porsche doesnt hold much cache (not cashe) in your book, no problem. It's only your opinion anyway. I think differently...even though I am a huge fan of Lamborghini as well and have an appreciation for Ferrari and almost any car from Mustangs to Paganis. Seems that even Lamborghini and McLaren cant match a little ol' Carrera S in terms of driving much for cache.
Can't match Carrera S? U must be smoking some serious crack to say something like this? Seriously kid, u need to get a life. Maybe get yourself a dog or something...
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