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Originally Posted by sycd
I don't have either but I'm going through the same process, and also considering m perf and borla atak. A big benefit of the akra is having an upgrade path to full Evo down the road.

I have only 3500 miles on my car and don't want to risk my warranty yet with the full system.

Another factor in my mind is that even though a loud exhaust sounds good at first, it can get old with time. I traded a mustang for the bimmer to have a car more balanced and refined and I don't want to try to make the m3 sound like a muscle car which it is not.

Also I'm afraid the drone of the eisenmann race will get to me. I had exhausts with drone on older cars and it made me literally sick, I know some people react to it differently than others.

Anyway, just wanted to share some thoughts from a guy going through the same excruciating decisions.
Akra. Its perfect in my opinion. No drone, power boost, doesnt piss off your neighbors. Yeah its not the loudest out there but the sound is one of a kind, exotic of sorts. And the question is, do you want loud or do you want quality? People at the meets like Eismenn because its loud and racelike - gets attention too.. Go into public and the Akra gets smiles and compliments all day long, even by the average joe on the street. The best part is if you want escape your exhaust noise you just roll up the window with Akra. Ive heard Eismenn is too loud to escape, but again I've only owned Akra And only heard Eismenn at meets. Eismenn sounds incredible but its too loud for my taste. When Im not at meets and driving on the street I dont want to sound like Im on a race track. Just my opinion

Ps. I know what you mean about "too loud" getting old. 3 years ago when I first bought my truck I threw a Flomaster on it. I was stoked at how loud it was for about 3 weeks, then it just annoyed me. I immediately switced out to a Borla and have been happy ever since. With the Akra on my M I still get a smile every time I start up. Never gets old