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Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
I had the daughter of the driver in the blue audi in my car as a passenger. I was just taking her along for the ride. I told him before the session that I would just stay behind him. That was in the blue intermediate group.

Definitely running faster in the first video which is in the red advanced group. The red run group (as with most other advanced groups) can pass anywhere with a point by.

The silver vette was not really playing nice with everyone. He's usually one of the fastest ones in the dry...not so in the wet. So he was kind of being a d-head and only letting people by when corner workers pointed the passing flag at him. Plus he had spun twice in front of me on the day before trying to drive the dry line for some reason...which is retarded at MSR Cresson. You'll figure out why really quickly if you ever drive MSR in the rain. Still...that's one of the fastest moving trains you'll ever see outside of competitive racing.

99% of the time, its very civil. People let people pass without issue. You can pass in a corner and the guy giving the point by won't force you to pinch the exit. That is only the 2nd train I've seen in my 4th weekend in Red. That's a pretty good track record. Point bys anywhere does open up the track a LOT!
That explains it all. Haha, I had a very different idea as to what was happening. Funny, I was at MSR last Friday doing the 3.1 and I could see all the damage from the DE run in the rain. I haven't been out there in the rain yet, but I have been out there on a green track and that alone is very slick. You guys def left some rubber out there on Sunday though.