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Originally Posted by surlynkid View Post
Asked SA, and she said no boat name yet.
If you go to the shipping line, Wallenius&Wilhelmsen, website you can find the dates of the ships leaving Bremerhaven going to your VPC. From that, you might find the likely vessel that's going to carry your car.
Unfortunately they use other carriers such as NYK but W&W seems to be a biggee with BMW.
Just something for you to do while you wait for the SA to get you the name.
Oh, and when you get the name, go here and track her movement across the the Atlantic. Also on this website, the ship will update her port arrival date if she needs to.
If you go to the port of arrival website, you might also find the scheduled arrival date of the ship to the port. I know Port Hueneme publishes it.
Lastly, you can find the name of the truck carrier, get their phone number and, with your vin and if your nice to them, they'll tell you when you car is on their truck and on what day and time your car will arrive at the dealer.

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