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Driving home today in El Paso was merging on to the highway and noticed a new camaro weaving in and out of traffic to get in behind me. I tell my wife to check this douche out behind us she tells me to play nice. I move over to the inner lane and he follows. Then speeds up and misses my back bumper by a inch and speeds by. Well then wife just looks over and says school him so I hit the M button and blow by him. So I get off on my exit and he does too and pull up to light and he pulls up next to us and wife drops the window and gets him to drop his and she says"that's why the M3 is the benchmark" and rolls her window up. I love my wife
I personally regard these kinds of encounters as dangerous. I do what you did (move out of his way) to break off the engagement immediately. If he persists, I dial 911 and attempt to get a license number. If I have to, I'll get off the highway.
To help me fight off the urge to get the better of some nutcase, I start remembering what my last car accident was like. I want no part of that experience again.