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100 octane with ESS tune

So I will go to a 1/2 mile event in December and since I have availability of 100 octane Sunoco race fuel was wondering if it will make any difference going higher than 93 AKI. I'm hoping for a 130-135mph top speed at the 1/2 mile.

As my signature says, I have the ESS Akra Evo tune. ESS told me that the tuning file is adaptive from 91 to 95 AKI. From what I've read our cars stock won't gain much above 95-96 AKI.

My questions are (given my tune):

1. Will going above 95 will hurt the engine?
2. Will going above 95 will hurt performance in any way?
3. How about meth?

Thanks in advance.

PS: I know there will be much more faster cars at the event (for example there will be two Alpha 12 GTR's . Going just to enjoy my car in a safe environment and have fun with some friends.
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