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Originally Posted by Mmmdreamer View Post
Roads blow here...I've bubbled two tires hitting similar massive holes on the highway...
I hear you man. Like someone described, it's a mine field. Jersey is less so than NYC/Queens area but nevertheless, they are horrible. Do you "feel" anything because of the bubble? I should check my wheels and tires more often, just in case. The roads are horrible, but can't stop us from enjoying this monster.

Originally Posted by HeartMD View Post
Jason sorry to hear about your mishap, but glad to hear that you and your ride made it out safe. I hate NY/NJ roads with a passion. Glad to hear that T/R insurance had paid off once again. On the angel eyes, I too got the lux and they have been awsome. They are very worth the price and completely change the look of the cars front end, but be forewarned they are a pain to get installed.
Be safe bro...
Thanks man! I still owe you for the heads up on the T/W insurance. It's a shi**y feeling though when you hit that pothole and you know what follows after that. I'm just glad that I have my car back in my garage.

I can't wait to get the Lux's now. I read all the threads about which AEs are the best and what not, and I still couldn't decide. Well, I think I've waivered enough. The GP thunders were pretty easy to install, I hope they're similar.

Originally Posted by GIdriver View Post
Fawk!! Glad it all turned out ok.
Thanks man! I don't wish anyone to be stranded out on the highway. It totally sucks!

Everyone, be safe out there.
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