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ok, I told the guy that I started a thread and yesterday he sent me 140 which should cove rthe difference plus some of the paypal charges. the guy is Anthony Salazar, the manager of topstitch in LA and this is his webpage
I would be more than happy if you call him and ask him about everything I've told in this thread just so you hear his side of the story as he can't deny anything I've said.
I've been more than reasonable as I don't think any of you would've waited almost 5 months just to get a refund and never got to offend the manager of the shop you're dealing with.
btw, he told me he would still send the parts as a way of compensation but I won't hold my breath as I sent him a mail asking for a deadline and he didn't answer, and I obviously reckon that if he haven't make some parts that take 3 days to make in 5 months then it doesn't sound like he will make em now that he returned the money, but if he does, I will be the first to acknowledge compensation as it would make things right.
I gotta admit that the guy never lost his temper and wrote back mails in a decent manner, but what I find offensive is that he almost never wrote back-to the point that i had to send several times the same mail- and when he did, it was to give me excuses and promises that he didn't fulfill.
I know that some of you may have heard excellent things about this shop, so did I, to the point that I took my business to them eve though I'm very far away, but what I found was an experience completely different-in the worst way- to what I was expecting according to it's reputation.
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