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Originally Posted by Windy City View Post
I have a 2013 M3 Convertible, can anyone tell me if the "snap-in" adapter will work if you have a case on your iPhone? I have one with a round mount on the back that snaps into a belt clip.
If not, is there something else out there that one can use like a cable?


I've got a MY 2012 E93, with a snap-in adapter, used/uses an iPhone 4s. It is a very snug fit, with zero side-margin, and just a bit top-to-bottom margin to allow the retaining spring on the top of the adapter to accommodate the iPhone.

So: No, you cannot use a case around your iPhone...unless it's like 0.01 mm thin.

From personal experience, the only time I used the snap-in adapter was when I had a drive longer than an hour. It's just too much hassle otherwise. When I needed a quick connection (for a power charge, or to use BMW Apps [rarely]) then I just kept a black standard iPhone USB-30-pin cable plugged-in, and connected it to the iPhone 4s (with the case around it.)

I'm an early tech adopter, and thus had high hopes for the snap-in media adapter but, seriously, it lands about 4 points on a ten-point scale for utility and value.

(Now with an iPhone 5, the old iPhone 4s resides permanently in the snap-in adapter as a 50 GB music player and bluetooth for the Cobra iRadar. This solved multiple issues, and even when a new media snap-in adapter is released for the iPhone 5, there's no point in wasting the money.)

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