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Originally Posted by Purple Derple View Post
I don't entirely agree with this. Yes they have to make money, but successful business models do not have to forgo convictions. Take, for example, Steve Jobs' stance against smut on apple devices. Media has been made/broken by the porn industry--VHS vs Beta being the prime instance. His position was to exclude porn from their devices as much as possible. Media history would say this is damning, but apple made it work.

Yes BMW is doing this for savvy business reasons, I just think a lot of people take the position that it doesn't have to be this way. Anyways, who's to say this strategy of capitalizing on their M division isn't poisoning their reputation in the long-run?
Wow, you're saying that Apple (by Apple, I mean ONE MAN named Jobs) deciding what you should and shouldn't watch is an example of a "successful business model"? I'd argue that the only reason Apple is successful is that they had sleek designs and an even sleeker ability to self-promote.

Would you support BMW if they decided that you do not need to go above 55mph and permanently limited your car? Not to mention that I will bet you my first born that Steve Job's had accessed porn, and more than once.