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Originally Posted by mhaghighi View Post
what do you mean email is working? no ones io6 email is working on their idrive??? regardless of the the phone!!!
Sorry, but that is not entirely correct...

A few people have reported spotty functionality with e-mail...

I've had it happen a couple of times when I received e-mail messages. It has been impossible to duplicate the scenario, though, via all the different settings, etc...

At first, I thought that e-mail would function AFTER having received at least one SMS/text message (a sort of "prime the pump" thing.) But that's not correct...

Then it seemed that the e-mail would work only AFTER a lock-screen time-out had passed. In other words, hitting the "sleep" button has no effect, but that after a pre-set lock-time the e-mail would function. Eeeeeep! Nope. But I received an e-mail once in that scenario...

It seems to be random and completely intermittent.... perhaps sort of similar to the MS Exchange replication issues that occurs with iOS devices...

Hopefully an iOS 6.1 update will fix it... !!!


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