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I'm a Muslim who's lived in the US nearly all my life. The reaction by Muslims to insulting Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) was completely un-Islamic and unjustified.

I consider myself a very conservative Muslim - one who tries to follow all that is in the Quran. Do you know what that entails? One could only know if they read the Quran...not mainstream media and it's depiction of what's in the Quran, but truly read it. I encourage you to learn about it as it will truly open your eyes.

I can't summarize the Quran in a simple post, but it is no different than the Bible or Torah in that self-defense is permissible but harming someone unjustly is a sin.

Unforunately, this is taken out of context and abused - both by Muslims who try to wield power and abuse people and Islamophobes who try to slander Islam.

Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) was simply a messenger in the same mold that Prophets Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus were (peace be upon them all). However, if you read his biography you would realize that he (peace be upon him) was a true mercy to mankind. Is it any surprise that in the early 1980's he was found to be the most influential person of all time? Do you wonder why? A non-Muslim explains...

So to insult a person of his (peace be upon him) stature is truly an insult to Muslims. Granted, a reaction like harming another soul is diametrically opposed to all that Islam stands for and that these people were acting outside of Islam.

However, Islam is easily compatible with America, Europe and anywhere else you may mention. I, and millions of other Muslims, am a testament to that. It is people who try to gain notoriety and incite hatred who amplify such extremists to the point that one would think all Muslims are like that.

If that were the case, would you conclude that Hitler represents all of Christianity?

Or that the KKK is the embodiment of America and Christians?

Or that the apartheid attitude of Israel is that of all Jews?


Islam is the first religion to allow women the right to vote, divorce and be equals to their husbands. I refer you to the Quran to support these statements and await any proof otherwise. All this in an era of oppression of women throughout the world.