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I'm a net contributor and I'll proudly pay more taxes once Obama is re-elected. It is the patriotic thing to do to get our country on the right fiscal track. :
Patriotic thing to do ? By Patriotic, do you mean acting in a way that is best for the LONG TERM health of the country?

I suppose if you visit a place like Yellowstone park, and you see wildlife who look really cute and hungry, you think the right thing to do for them is to feed them ? After all, it would be just plain cruel to watch them walk away hungry, something only mean Republicans would do. What harm could feeding them cause ?

I mean, it's not as if all biologists all agree that feeding wild animals, and making them dependant on humans could posssibly be bad, or that some might even advocate that it's better for the overall health of the species overall to let 1 bear go hungry, than to feed it and thus cause it to not teach it's young how to fend for themselves either, thus disrupting the chain of the food cycle and upsetting the delicate balance in nature, causing huge, hard to fix problems down the road.

Oh wait.......

Well, I'm sure that NONE of that has even the slightest relevance whatsoever to human society...

Originally Posted by 128vertinnoho View Post
Does Rmoney really think we're all that stupid not to remember a mere 4 years ago????
Apparently, the Democrats are counting on people not remembering Obama's ability to get congress to collaborate effectively from 4 MONTHS ago, let alone 4 years ago....