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Originally Posted by 919AWE90 View Post
Hey everyone,

Just picked up an 08 E90 a couple weeks ago. Here it is:

Unfortunately a terrible picture, but I'll get some good ones soon.

Mods: Magnaflow Exhaust (Mufflers), RPi Scoops, AFE ProDry S Filter, GP Thunders 8500K H8 & H3, Painted Reflectors, Matte Black Grills, and Blackline Taillights

I'm pretty sure this car used to belong to an old member on here: e90mdrei.

So far the car is awesome. It is also my wife's daily driver. However, I do have full custody and driving rights on nights and weekends. My daily is an 03 S2000.
Congrats to you and welcome to the fold!
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