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Originally Posted by Mike Benvo View Post
Yup, I paid 4.95 yesterday for 91. 80 Bucks. This is not an SUV!!!

If I had a Suburban it would be $153.45 a tank.. insanity. Then again we have it easier here than other parts of the world in the first place.

Back to my skateboard
80 bucks?!
I've never paid more than $70 on any of my BMW's, and that was during the absolute worst of the recession in 08. I feel for you guys.

Originally Posted by jmgM3 View Post
Way I look at it: Most of us have no reason to complain at all. Gas really is cheap in the US.

I'm thankful that I get to drive a beautiful car such as the M3 and when I hear that symphony of noises conducted by my right foot... I smile and forget about how much a paid at the pump. It's beautiful thing!
You'd complain if you knew I'm about to go fill up my M3 for $3.7 per gallon of premium shortly. One of the perks of living in SC I guess

Having said that, I totally agree with you. That's what made my decision to get an M3 much easier. Who knows where I'm going to end up in a few years (could be Europe). At under $5 a gallon, I'll gladly take the hit. I read that the average price per gallon in Italy is now $12 per gallon (huge taxes to offset tanking economy).
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