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Originally Posted by clar View Post
I still can't get over the fact that u sold you turbo...It must have been an earth shattering experience driving that car esp with the tune I would love to get my hands on a 997 Turbo with pdk, but those things cost my left nut and right kidney over here even when used.
It was a blast to drive but I have to tell you I was always in fear of getting caught speeding and going to jail. It got to super fast speeds in no time. As I said earlier, you can really feel the lightness in the front end. I was coming home from Summit Point raceway and had the car at 140 mph and it felt like the front end was floating...pretty scary. I have said before that with the additional weight of the M3, it feels more stable at 120-140 mph.

The above wasn't my reason for selling. I was tired of driving my 4Runner as my DD and really missed driving my former E92M3 as my DD. Need to have the 4Runner for bad weather and hauling the dog so it was not an option to have all three plus my wife's X5.

Prices of these cars in places outside of the US just astounds me. Don't fret are driving a helluva car in the M3.