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Originally Posted by rjd598 View Post
doubt it. the mufflers can't do much you've botled on wisely
You're asking if the e93 would dyno differently? No.

I still have not gone to the other shop to get a confirmation dyno. I hate jumping from one shop to another, cause then I feel like my baseline was invalid, but if I get the same numbers at Carb Conn. then something is obviously up.

I have 3 more videos that require minor editing and then I'll post them rjd. A small burnout, revs, and almost 2-3 mins of highway pulls including tunnel scenes which don't even come close to doing the exhaust any justice... tunnels are ADDICTING

It's been what? 4 months of ownership now? So the sound has settled in. Let me clarify on the drone/resonance. Drone is not completely nullified on this exhaust system. However, to bring it about you have to be crusing at ludicrious slow speed in high gears to bring it about. If I ever find myself driving through a neighborhood at 35-40 in 6th gear, drone will be there. Easily resolved by just downshifting, it's really not a BIG deal, but I know that there are some out there who will probably care.

Now for resonance. If I'm going EVEN slower then before, lets say 25-30 in 5th or 6th gear, resonance will occur. At the point where you're about to induce resonance you might as well be on the verge of stalling. DCT owners wont have an issue as the ecu will probably never let you cruise that slow in such a high gear. But yes resonance can be observed in this car, and it can and will vibrate the cabin making you discover all the loose articles you never realized you had in your M. You literally have to try to make it happen though.

Sound from inside the cabin. Docile, quiet, conservative. Cold starts aren't THAT bad at all, and furthermore it only last for 20-30 secs. This is all with the windows up.
Windows down, you start to realize that your M is no longer the same, and it's a lot more apparent that your M's balls have been re-attached, but you're still probably only hearing about 50% of what others around you are ... I think? lol
Outside or behind the car, is where the system shines. Keep the rpms down, casual cruising. Bring the car into it's powerband, and she starts making noise, WOT she screams.

I already described the sound, but you really have to hear it in person. I'll get my sound clips up ASAP, I just want to merge the videos together, and take out useless chatter.
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