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Originally Posted by ndj View Post
Wow, that's a tough one! The E39 is truly an epic car and is still a benchmark today, 13 years after its launch. Designed in a different era when engineers wrote the checks not accountants.

The E90 M3 is it's natural successor IMHO (not the E60 M5). So close in terms of concept and delivery.

I miss the low down torque but the E90's top end offsets that. I miss the bullet proof build quality (my last one was 10 years old and didn't have a single squeak or rattle), and the E39 felt much bigger inside.

Don't miss the poor rust proofing (many UK cars suffer badly from corrosion) or the parts prices (which are high even vs. the E90).

However, the decision to move to the E90 was predominantly down to the DCT box. Absolutely LOVE it, and hooked up to the S65 all other bets are off
I've only owned cars with manual transmissions and enjoy driving a traditional manual so much that I'm not sure I could ever give that up (until I have to), but the raves about the DCT really are making me feel that I should at least drive one at some point to know how the two compare...
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