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Originally Posted by xbook View Post
I have to say President Obama was not at his best during that debate. His performance could have been much better.

That being said, Rmoney did a rather amazing job with his lies and mistruths again. Like shabadoo said, 27 lies in 38 minutes. And the balls on the guy to go after PBS while a host from PBS is moderating the debate. Yeah because it's the funding for PBS that is just killing our budget. Sure.

I am not surprised that the right-wing crowd here is positively foaming at the mouth at the prospects of Rmoney doing well in the debate. It's a pretty good display of the integrity of Rmoney supporters when you champion a guy who just simply can't give the truth.

EDIT: PBS issues a statement about the debates. In it they say that PBS costs each taxpayer $1.35. Personally, I am fine with paying $1.35 for public broadcasting over the year. I'll spend $2.45 on a starbucks later this morning, so forkin' over a buck fifty for Big Bird is fine with me.
Let the cons have their fun. They don't understand the long game Obama is playing here. And with today's jobs numbers, the debate will be long forgotten by most of the low information voters in the USA. We'll see if the debate has any influence on the polls in the swing vote states because that's all that matters.

Nate Silver has Obama's chances of winning over 87% now and Intrade has Obama at 86%. The cons are going to be in a world of hurt come Nov. 7th.