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Not sure why you said this, but it's funny because this particular 1'er pinstripe was handpainted. It was VERY sloppy. Not sure who's doing pinstriping at that BMW dealership. I have never seen striping that poorly.

But yes, we did remove it all around as the owner requested.
I only said that because pinstripes are so 80's

I think its the guy at vista who does it. Is there a signature type thing, that looks like a smiley face in a helecopter? Usually in the rear or on front qtr panel.
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Caddy ATS . . . finally, a decent rental car option.
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the wheels make me mad...
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It's one thing for some buffoon to put an M badge on something that doesn't deserve's another for a multi-billion dollar corporation to do the exact same thing and keep a straight face.