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I want to get rid of any swirls, and get the best protection I can (besides not driving it :P). This includes replacing the vinyl protection film with a better quality one and more coverage as well as opticoat. The guy I bought this car from didn't do as good a job as I'd like. I went to see Kevin & Marco's work and its fantastic. The film they use is really good, can't even tell its there and they do it properly. I saw a couple fully wrapped cars, didn't know until he told me. He had a blue scion frs, a white m3, black audi SUV, all had various amounts of wrap, all looked incredible.

In case anyone was wondering, the e92 m3 in good shape will be $550CAD+tax for stage1+stage2+opticoat. Gotta get both stages really cuz you have to have it as perfect as possible before doing opticoat since it lasts for year(s) and you can't get it off without abrading it off. Mine has some swirls and some rubber stains. You can probably get away with just stage1+opticoat if you got it detailed recently or is in better condition than mine. Opticoat is always 100$ premium basically.

Also, g6 detailing doesn't do opticoat but I think they'll come to you which is convenient. Based in etobicoke & Mississauga for those who were wondering.

edit: I talked to Steve from G6, $275 for full external (wash, clay, compound where required, polish, sealant). They also offer Swissvax products if you're into that. They use Menzerna or Klasse sealants.