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Originally Posted by shizzle View Post
LOL. There are two major things I miss about my M3. Nothing beats the sound of the V8 at 8,000+ rpm. And I miss the thick steering wheel of the M3.

The electric steering isn't really a big deal. Just stay away from the power steering plus option - that's the one that kills low speed feel (and what every press car tested has as stock). At the track, and in regular driving, the steering of the Porsche is amazingly accurate, and when you're on the track, you'll just marvel at how accurate it is.
Totally agree. The 991 steering is very accurate and responsive. It's just let down by the feedback, which felt artificial to me. Agree on the steering wheel. I much prefer the thicker wheel on my M3 too! The signal stalk also felt kinda cheap. 911s need quite a bit of interior options to feel upmarket unfortunately.
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