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You guys that say you are Porsche fanbois as well, I have a question for you. Have you ever owned a 911 or Boxster or Cayman of any kind? I have...and have owned plenty (look at my signature line). Yes, they are fantastic cars but I have to tell you, they are not all that. Each and every one that I have owned felt so light and "floaty" at anything north of 130 mph. The 997 Turbo is an amazing car and has crazy amounts of performance. But that car stickers for $140K....One hundred forty thousand dollars!!! I bought a four year old one for $70K even. Would pay that amount of money all day long for that car. But I'm sorry man, that car is not worth $140K brand new. It just isn't. A 991S is going to cost you a minimum of $125K. Can you seriously sit there and say that it is worth nearly TWICE what a new M3 is going to cost you? Or is worth $30K more than a GTR? GTFOH!!!!!