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Originally Posted by tlp View Post
Actually, from a coding only perspective while following the best practice methodologically it's the exact same amount of work. In other words, no more additional coding work to do a full PDC vs a front PDC only retrofit. I don't think that BMWNA has an approved retrofit path for the dealer to agree to to it. A savy dealer can easily do the work you also may be able to find a shop in your area to assist in the install and coding.
I've been busy and had to let this go for a while, but now I'm back into it. I found a shop that can install the retrofit, but I'm looking for the parts to order. I am thinking about just doing a rear PDC retrofit. I have the following part numbers to order:

Ultrasonic sensors (4): 66208046453 (Jerez black, $139 new each)
PDC Mounts (4): 51110432249 ($11 each)

Now, I know I need cables and the ECU, and I'm sure I need something else. Would you by chance know the part numbers for the Rear PDC ECU and the kit?