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Gintani Sport Installed - Thoughts / Pics / Vids

Hi guys,

Have had a couple of days now with the Gintani Sport. What an exhaust. For those debating on variously priced exhausts I will post some quick thoughts below to help guide you.

- It is very hard to hear exhaust sounds based on youtube clips. Even based on my own recording, its hard to capture the sound spectrum (High/Low) and perceived volumes unless you do it in person. This is imperitive.
- It is a LOUD exhaust. When I say LOUD, i mean it. Do not even consider the race unless you truely do not value your eardrums, nor your neighbors.
- It is a very bassy exhaust. The sounds it produces are incredible, auditory rythm that is most prominent on the LOW and HIGH rpms, in the mid-band the intake roar takes over.
- There is a low frequency boom (Drone?) most prominent between 1800-2800rpm in lower loads. My sensitive ears are still acclimatising, but it completely drowns out everything and hence this is not a completely drone less solution.

Build quality is superb and the tips look fantastic. I see no need to stick gaudy branding on the exhaust tips and Gintani agree, the double walling is fantastic and really stick out. Would I recommend this exhaust? Definately, but be prepared it is LOUD Most definately one of the best sounding exhausts on the market - I don't get why you would want something so close to stock (Akra slip on, Eis Sport, BMW Perf).

On cold start on my iPhone app it idled at 100db, settling to 90db.

I will post some more vids tomorrow of me giving it to it.

Proper vids to follow but here is a cold start idle to tease
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