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Originally Posted by eisenb11 View Post
Ya, I don't really want to put a plate on. I just wanted to make sure that I didn't have to pay $38 now, put a plate on, and another $10 later or something like that. lol

It's worth the extra $28 to not have to go to court or the PD or anything.

Ya, I'm mostly stock and nothing too obvious - led angel eyes, painted reflectors, and m3 perf exhaust. They got my with my car parked in a parking lot.
Yeah man towns and cities really need money these days... they go thru all the parking lots in towns by me with plate scanners and do expired registration tickets

plus its definitely different if your driving an 80k dollar sports car or a 1990 honda civic. no front plate cause u dont have a bumper lol or caues u dont want to drill into your mint car .

alot of my fam is LEOs and I respect them doin their jobs its just part of the car game