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Originally Posted by Wolfinwolfsclothing View Post
Sorry, but my name is Peter.

You are correct on one thing...the m3 is not even close to the quality of the 991 (its far inferior)...nothing short of a Bentley can touch their quality at this point.
Porsche, Lambo, Aston, Ferrari all are absolutely in the same league. Porsches car are built better than all of them, and performance all have their pros and cons.

For the record, the 911 may not be 'exotic' enough for YOU compared to a Ferrari or Lambo, but that doesnt mean its not in the same league. Doubt anyone would agree with that. I dont recall the new Mclaren or the 458 being able to top the GT3RS or RS 4.0 as far as being a better car. The 918 Spyder is far and above better than anything Ferrari or Lambo have ever done and will be for some time to come and its much better looking too.
You're a liar. I will guarantee that if the moderators look up your IP address they will see it is from either Connecticut or New Jersey....or you are logged in on someone else's computer. There is no Porsche nutswinger quite like you Greg. You just can't hide it. Anyone that doubts me, go check the posts that Shift@red, PaneristiDriver, and now WolfinWolfsclothing has posted since his "join" date of September 2012. His old posts have been deleted on you would know right away it is a dead give away.

Porsche being nothing short of Bentley quality.... You can't make this shit up

If you think for one second that a Porsche 911 carries the same cashe as a McLaren, Ferrari or Lambo you are suckling the Porsche nutsack in epic proportions. Get over it.