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Originally Posted by alms211 View Post
No Greg (we know its you so don't play dumb with us) that is not my "opinion". It is fact. A 991S Porsche isn't worth $110-130K when you can get an M3 for $65K. That is a 40-50% delta. The 991 isn't worth a 40% increase over an M3. It just isn't. I don't care how much you think Porsche is the end all, be all. As you know, I've owned plenty of them. They are great cars......and are waaay overpriced brand new. A base Mustang GT is pure and utter garbage. It is indeed cheaper than an M3 but you get a far far inferior "all around" vehicle for a delta that is not nearly as great as the delta between an M3 and a 991S. The build quality of an M3 is not far superior to a 991.....the build quality of a $40K Mustang is far inferior to an M3.

For the record, a Porsche is not in the same league as an Aston Martin, Ferrari or Lambo.

Sorry, but my name is Peter.

You are correct on one thing...the m3 is not even close to the quality of the 991 (its far inferior)...nothing short of a Bentley can touch their quality at this point.
Porsche, Lambo, Aston, Ferrari all are absolutely in the same league. Porsches car are built better than all of them, and performance all have their pros and cons.

For the record, the 911 may not be 'exotic' enough for YOU compared to a Ferrari or Lambo, but that doesnt mean its not in the same league. Doubt anyone would agree with that. I dont recall the new Mclaren or the 458 being able to top the GT3RS or RS 4.0 as far as being a better car. The 918 Spyder is far and above better than anything Ferrari or Lambo have ever done and will be for some time to come and its much better looking too.

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