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I had a Toyota one time, and it was the biggest piece of trash ever. I never had to get an oil change in the car, because they had to replace the short block every <3,000 miles. Toyota just barely skirted under lemon law on the car for as long as possible, and I was stuck in a crap-box Carolla loaner for months.

The dealership sucked, could never give me good status, and apparently didn't know how to fix a car. Toyota corporate, despite flying techs from Japan to investigate my car, did absolutely NOTHING to appease me as a customer. They constantly gave me the run around, the dealer/corp pointed fingers at each other, and I was stuck in a crappy situation. All I wanted them to do was replace the car, instead of skirting around lemon law as much as they could. According to a friend who worked at the dealership, Toyota spent over $120,000 in parts and labor repairing my car repeatedly, but refused to do the right thing for me as a customer.

So ya, f*** Toyota. I'll never buy one of their products again and I'll do anything I can to prevent them from acquiring new customers. I'm disappointed that BMW went this route. Merc is over there working with Tesla on electric vehicles and BMW gets Toyota... woohoo.