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Originally Posted by shoei View Post
actually have had the pleasure of logging at least 2000 miles on a good friends GTR BE... my thoughts on the car are;

1. it's a lot of fun to drive, hands down... it's not so much this "has no soul" nonsense, but the car, it would take something really really stupid on the drivers part to screw up in this car... this car can do things you only dreamed about doing, say in a video game... regardless of the speed you are traveling at, the handle is crisp and precise...

2. it does "rattle" a lot... i mean, a lot... i used to tease my friend and say they kept the cost of the car down by interchanging it with nissan altima parts... side note, the paddle shifters are the exact same ones from the G37, lol and i'm sure countless other nissan's/infiniti's??

3. the recaro seats in the BE are amazing... i always found it kind of funny that it's heated recaro seats...

4. just gives you a sensation when you mash the gas that few cars can give you, especially in that price range...

5. there is no road noise reduction... using the vehicle equipped bluetooth is futile at speeds over 50mph...

fun factor on a scale of 1-10 is probably a 12... it just makes you smile everytime you hit the start button... is the car refined?? no, not i the least bit, but it does what it was designed to do and then some... could you use it as a daily driver?? possibly, but not comfortably... to put it completely in perspective, my buddy ran out 6 months later and picked up a CL65 as a daily driver and the GTR is now the weekend car...

i know someone mentioned the C63 black edition.. visually, it's stunning... exhaust note is intoxicating, but it's missing the feeling of the GTR and even in the M... no matter how much punch it, it's a much more smoother power delivery, almost one of those surprising how fast you're going because it doesn't feel like it... the neck breaking accelerating factor doesn't apply here at all, unlike the GTR or even the M3...

Nice write-up! Love my GTR too!