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Originally Posted by K3N R3D View Post
I dont know why you say worst dealer service. Compared to what?
Compared to BMW (Z4MC and 528i)... Honda (S2000), Chevy (Z06), and Mitsubishi (Evo)... we now have a new 997 GT3 so we'll see how that works out... but at 3000 miles there is already some sort of metallic creak in the GT3's PASM electronically adjustable suspension. I don't like taking a car like this in for dealer "service" so the tech monkeys can go out and play with it. But looks like we will have to have some warranty work done already.

In the JD Power surveys (I'm assuming that's where you got the #1 thing) new owners are encouraged to report "ALL 10's or I don't get paid my bonus" by their dealership! (kinda like BMW does) Also, did you know that the Porsche service department knows IF you gave them "ALL 10's" and may treat you a little different if you did not, on your next service visit. Ask actual Porsche owners about their experiences. And let's not begin about costs outside of warranty. 58K miles on our Boxster S (we each had one, but I sold mine) and $3500 for an ABS module! I don't really know what my point is here though, because the new M3 is bound to be just as expensive out of warranty as any Porsche...

Really, if you crave a Porsche, "there is no substitute" and they drive like nothing else (well, at least the Box-Cayman-GT3 does .. base 911 is not too impressive IMO) OTOH, these cars are not as bulletproof as some would like to think. But they are fun and if you want one, you should own one at some point.....