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Rattling is very normal and it gets louder as the pad wears down. 100% normal. Squealing is less with the PFC-08s I now have vs. the 01s. 01s I admit had better bite, but lasted way too short.

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I experienced this identical situation. Put PFC01s in over the weekend, took it to the track yesterday, and by the end of the day they were rattling/slapping quite badly. Continued to rattle for the entire 1 hr drive home, at all speeds. Didn't rattle with the brakes applied. The rattle is very concerning, loud, and constant. Almost sounds destructive. I did not notice this sound from the brakes of any of the other cars that were driving through the pits at the track.

I'm OK with the squealing, but nervous about the rattling. Have you heard of any situations where the rattling became more than just a noise annoyance? Will the loose fit get worse as the pads wear.
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After tracking yesterday, low speed drag improved. Ricky, only metal clips I see are the ones like the stock pads, aren't those needed to keep the pads in place?

BTW, they worked GREAT on the track. Zero pad transfer, no fade during all four 25 minute sessions. I don't call Buttonwillow a heavy braking track, moost of the areas are either wide open or technical. Even after dropping from 120 to 50 mph, the brakes felt good for the next few stops. Intructors were impressed with the bite, after getting the feel for them they really helped stopping in a smoother/cleaner fashion from high speeds for turn in. Worth 700, not sure haven't compared them to other pads yet.

Nitto's were good, but my first r-comp tires took a few sessions to learn how to feel them. When the pressure is right the grip is incredible. Now for more days to keep learning.

Thanks for the help guys, all DIY and posts from other members really helped getting the car setup, felt great. Still want to do brake ducts, adventure for another day.