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Originally Posted by gsrbri View Post
Not sure why you'd purchase this special edition somewhat track-oriented car and then option it w/all the luxury features that add weight and detract from the edgier aspects of the machine. To each their own. The iconel exhaust and steering wheel, for me, make the car. Plus, never hurts to have a limited edition BMW M3...esp one of 200. It should have the brake ducts activated...I assume they aren't.
I'll check on the brake ducts, thank you.

This is the last batch of the M3 with V8 4.4, gota get one. My last M3; 2012 M3 with competition package was side t-bone on the freeway by a truck while I was stuck in traffic; no way out but being hit side on. The 2012 M3 is now a frankstein, bodyshop was unable to find original M3 parts...very very sad to see it go.....

The new 3 series; 2012 and 2013 328, 335, and 335is does NOT drive anything like the M3. The new 3 series are more say...Lexus, Mercedes like. Just my personal opinion.
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