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Originally Posted by lucid View Post
Porsche knows the mid-engine layout of the Cayman will smoke the 911 if both had the same engine, and it doesn't want to destroy the brand image of the 911, so it will not ship the Cayman with enough power. In other words, the Cayman and the Cayman S are underpowered.

It does pretty well on a low speed track, autox vs the 911 with just an LSD added.

Originally Posted by lucid View Post
I fully agree. $60k+ base for the M3 would be too much. I can afford it, but I won't pay that much for it. 911S is supposed to be a great car. I haven't driven the S. On my to do list.

That said, I don't think the 911S is worth $90k out the door either. However, the nice thing about 911s in general is that you can pick up a 1-2 old car with very low miles (less than 10k miles) with warranty at a great discount, which is what I would do.
Yeah I looked at some of the porsche approved used ones and have great prices etc.. But Im one of those who just cant buy anything used, I know $90k is alot but I plan to keep the car for a while so it evens out in my book