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worst customer service in a shop I've seen

Hi, I'm wanting to share the worst experience I've had with an aftermarket seller in my life and, if things continue as they are, warn you guys about this kind of shop. I contacted this reputable shop in LA in may to buy a couple of leather parts for my car and their rep told me he would take 3 days to ship the parts so I called him and gave him my credit information so he charged me for 500 bucks. three day passed and I contacted him asking about shipping information and he told me that it would take a couple of days more so I waited and the same thing happened. well, long story short, several months have passed and after hundreds of messages I've sent (from which the majority weren't answered) he always wants a little more time so I asked for a refund and he told me he was going to give me a full refund and as compensation he was going to give me the parts I asked for which I though was a good way of saving his reputation as a good seller. thing is that I asked for a deadline that he could fulfill and he gave me one for the money and one after a couple of weeks for the parts. the deadline for the money arrived and he couldn't make it so he asked for me to wait until next day, after several mails next day all of which he replied telling me not to worry that he was going to send me the money that day, he only sent me 200 bucks trough paypal (from which paypal took like 30 bucks) and asked for me to wait as he was going to send me the rest of the money the same day. well, he didn't send it and I went the extra mile and gave him a couple of days as I didn't want to be so intransigent but the days went by and he didn't appear so I think that this must go public so everyone knows who they are dealing with. he sent me 200 bucks more after a couple of days and asked for more time to send the parts but more than a month has passed and he only answers one of 10 messages. I've been pretty understanding but what I really hate is that the guy keeps telling me not to worry that he is sending the rest of the money and the parts and he doesn't which is a pretty obvious lack of respect for his customers. I'm thinking of going to the Better Business Bureau and make his company name public as he hasn't answered my last mails but don't know if I should give him a little more time. what do you fellow enthusiasts thinks?
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