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Anyone in West LA, Hollywood, or South Bay With OEM Exhaust Mod

Sorry for the bother but I was wondering whether there was anyone in West LA, Hollywood, or South Bay with the OEM Exhaust Mod (non-perforated)? I'm trying to find a car to hear in-person before I get it done.

I have had a couple of generous board members offer their time in the Valley but I figured I would try to see if I could find someone located on this side of the hill first before I made the trek out there (due to the anticipated traffic!). I just listened to a board member's ACM OEM Exhaust Mod (Bypass) and I found it too loud (at least I think it might be when my roof is down) so I'm guessing the non-perforated version will be a good fit for me but I definitely want to hear it before I move forward with it.

I am located in Santa Monica and I would be happy to meet anyone wherever it's convenient. I am also flexible on times and I will do my best to move any business meetings if need be.

Feel free to reply to this thread or to PM if you are located in these areas and can spare 10-15 mins. Thanks in advance!

Thanks for everyone's help,