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Well, I just got the tires mounted on the GTS wheels. I went with bridgestone RE 970 295/30/19's in the back and 255/35/19's in the front. I took them to discount tire to have them mounted because they have the "touchless" Hunter mounting system at this particular location. I asked to watch them mount the tires as I had never seen this particular machine in action. Well, they got the first wheel situated, and the guy struggled to get the tire mounted on the rim using this "touchless" system. Needless to say, the guys couldnt figure it out (which seemed to embarrass them quite a bit) and the manager came out and said that if they scratched or damaged my rims while mounting them in the regular fashion, he would buy me a new rim. I said thats fine, if your completely confident, then proceed. THANKFULLY, they got them on perfect. So, I take the wheels home to mount them, and then I discover that I dont have the lug nut key to remove the bloody wheels! WTF! I thumb through the manual and it says that a wheel removing lug key can be purchased through BMW, implying that it's not standard equipment. Are you serious? I guess all M3's dont come standard with lug key to remove the wheels (I bought my car used, so I dont know if it came with one or not!) Grrrr, I guess Im off to BMW dealer tomorrow to see if I can buy one off of them....Ill post the pics once I put them on.