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Originally Posted by Wolfinwolfsclothing View Post
Ive had the chance to drive the 991S on a few occassions and gotten to really put the car through its paces.
Performance, simply put is insane. Will run with most cars with 500 hp. The handling is sublime...crisp and absolutely pin point accurate (think sniper rifle hitting target on a boat going up and down with 8 foot sweels from a mile away accurate).
In terms of steering...I do not agree on this aspect. The 991S even though it has electric steering (which everyone is transitioning to) is still amazing and the e9X M3 still cant match it by any means. The Carrera S was on par with the last 997 Mk2 GT3 I was that good! Definitely still the standard of standards for best in the industry. And you know it will be even more dialed in with the GTX models.
All in all, its taken performance and handling to a new level. Plus the design is aggessive and flows well and the interior is again a new standard.
I cannot wait to see the turbo and upcoming GTx model.
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